Artist Thoughts

I create paintings on canvas in the acrylic media. I enjoy creating in an abstract expressionist style. In the absence of any preconceived idea of where the painting might go, I allow the identity or personality of the piece to emerge. I am in my most focused and present state when I step into my studio. With light streaming in through each window, my two cats begin the day’s creative session in deep meditation. A squeeze of Cobalt Blue Hue mixed with a dollop of Cadmium Yellow is only the beginning of a nearly euphoric sensory experience.  With gentle music playing, I use large swooping motions and continual dripping washes as the structure and composition of the piece begins to emerge.  Like seeing an old friend we dance and play.  One of the biggest challenges I face is making the decision to call the painting complete.  Sometimes I have the lucky occasion when the painting gives me a feeling of completion. Other times I make the decision to stop at merely an interesting place. 


Getting my artwork from the easel to the gallery and in the hands of the collector takes hard work and commitment.  I persevere through the many challenges that are involved and turn them into a deeper passion to become an accomplished artist and leader in the art community.  

Artist Julie Joy
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